The Enhanced
Stand Experience​

Your transatlantic expos made as simple as a local event!

Planning & Advice

From needs to storage!

During this discovery phase, we probe intentions and objectives to determine specific issues you may face. We bring forward layout ideas and propose service options that help you prepare your event by looking for solutions adapted to your needs.  

This in turn leads to a thorough needs-to-cost-benefit analysis of your project.  Share your fears, dreams and desires so that together we can develop a show strategy that respects your requirements to the letter.

Conception & Design

Configured to convert!

Our goal is to offer visitors a welcoming and efficient come-at-able experience that arouses the envy of your competitors at first glance!

Initial 3D renderings project you into the proposed stand structure. This realistic view is essential to balance attraction poles, conversation or waiting spaces, and circulation areas. This allows us to highlight volumes and circulation spaces and give you a successful first impression of what will attract, captivate and reassure your visitors.

We efficiently organize your booth space and provide the right tools to support your messages, facilitate your interactions, your demonstrations, your contacts, your sales, etc. Thus, you can offer your visitors a pleasant and effective experience, which meets their needs and your objectives.

Event Marketing Services

Context, that’s where results come from!

Need inspiration? Let’s work together to create your trade show marketing messages. We can also work together on the planning and execution of your related social media campaigns.

An animation plan? We’re convinced it’s the best way to break the ice with your visitors. Ideas? Just ask us: we thrive on creating memorable consumer experiences that leave a lasting impression on your visitors! We do everything possible to ensure an optimal visitor influx during your show so you maximize your results.

We make every effort to ensure an optimal presence and an influx of visitors during your show to maximize your results.

Optimized Logistics

Trustworthy, and bounding!

The only thing that travels between exhibition halls is your visuals. We keep them in safe storage, to be sent to the convention center or exposition hall at the right time.

You win for sure: simple assembly, no air transport delays, and no lost kiosk. Increased responsiveness.

Whether you want to set up your booth yourself or have us do it for you, the mission remains the same: check all the details inherent to your event. Your experience will be a success and we will grow together.

Our logistics create lasting bonds of trust. Accompanying you around the world in all your exhibitions is a privilege!