Finely Tuned
Optimized Logistics!

Don't just organize: orchestrate!


Method & Rigor

Refined and well-honed
event logistics.

Good coordination helps ensure that equipment and supplies are available at the right time and in the right place, thus avoiding delays that could create stress and disrupt the flow of the event.

Our three North American and European production sites operate under the same requirements. They use the same production procedures and identical quality control processes.

Our role is to ensure that all actors contributing to the development of your project carry out their tasks with meticulousness, method and the greatest rigour.


Agile & Reactive!

Delivered exactly
when needed.

Our retro-planning principles guarantee that your stand and your visuals leave for the exhibition venue at the right time. We ensure that your stand enters the pre-installation queue so that you can benefit from a scheduled move-in.

This allows you to take advantage of early warehouse discounts, minimize handling costs and avoid late dedicated delivery charges.

Our experienced team ensures smooth, well-organized transport while guaranteeing day-of-delivery. Our transportation specialists, therefore, give priority to customs formalities, in particular the filling in and transmission of transport documents.


Easy & Precise!

Available to you,
wherever you exhibit

As set-ups and take-downs are carried out by local staff, you don’t have to be on-site days before or after the show. No matter if you rent or buy your exhibition solution. 

Our site supervisors also ensure that the finish is identical to that obtained during pre-assembly. We understand the importance of an impeccable stand and provide a thoughtful and comprehensive installation service.


Simple & Easy!

Exhibit faster, more often
- or at the same time.

You are the exclusive owner of the visuals you order, and as such, one noteworthy aspect is that you can even use them with other compatible modular stand systems. But the best part is that we manage the inventory of your structures and your stand visuals for you.

When you participate in consecutive trade shows in different major cities or countries, we judiciously arrange for your box of visuals to follow you from show to show. The Boot Company’s approach is all about your convenience and freeing your mind for what’s most important: running the floor and hosting your visitors with caring enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the strategic positioning of our workshop-warehouses minimizes your transport costs and environmental footprint. So go ahead: conquer new foreign markets with total peace of mind.