A Complete Line
Quality Booth!

Versatile, corporate, scalable, rental or purchase: we cover 100% of exhibitors' needs


Stay agile and reactive!

Easy setups, adaptability and ergonomics wherever you exhibit!

Built on the basis of modular elements, our custom stands integrate essential functions with elegance.  Dressed in high-definition fabric prints, they convey your message with brilliance, while your photos and colours are sublimated.

Modular system structures are strategically built/stored near major trade show centers. That ensures a faster turnaround between events or even multiple shows simultaneously. 

As modular stands are stored near major cities where trade shows are held, this also lowers transportation costs and facilitates local installation.

Flexible modules

100% scalable

You can easily add additional features to meet any of your presentation and display requirements: shelving, counters, storage, additional TV's, furniture...it's all available.

100% recyclable

To your request

We print your visuals on recycled fabrics, and our aluminum structures are completely recyclable. We're committed to a sustainable supply chain.

Uncompromised quality

The build and visual quality of our solutions and any accessory that comes with them

With regard to

The quality and rendering of the solutions we offer, and just as much with regard to the attractiveness of the services that accompany them.

You're in control

Of your budget

Standardized elements make the necessary information (weight, assembly, accessory costs) readily available to make decisions a breeze from the get-go.


Artfully Welcoming!

Don't be different, be unique!

We design, build and animate personalized spaces for brands near-and-far, all over the world. 

For us Hosting visitors isn’t just about proposing functional and aesthetically pleasing stands: it’s a craft that blends rigour, boldness and the creative spark that makes visitors feel at home

We plan layouts where your guests easily access and navigate in and around your stand. Create areas where they feel ready to discuss with you or amongst themselves, spaces that let them enjoy the Stand and want to return.

We are passionate about creating unique experiences that leave a lasting impression on audiences and strengthen the relationship between the brand and its customers.



Keep your visitors engaged! Let them enjoy your booth longer. Allow other visitors to feel comfortable there, even when you are not face-to-face. Design a booth that will keep them there.



An inspiring space that tells a story? We’re passionate about forming unique experiences that leave a lasting impression and strengthen the relationship between your brand and visitors.

Custom tailored

Skilful Carpentry

Give another dimension to your stand! Let the wooden productions of our workshops unleash your creativity. When we combine modular expertise and integrate new materials, even your grandest ideas become realities.

Turnkey Stands

First Class Service

We’re with you at every step of your kiosk conception. We exceed your expectations by providing total peace of mind through superior customer service.


Ahead of its time.

Innovate captivate, nurture your leads!

Innovative exhibit solutions let you immerse, connect with and nurture your audience like never before! 

Enhance your visitors’ experience with Virtual or Augment Reality demonstrators, micro conferencing stations, interactive touch terminals, acoustic fabrics, survey stations, led-based or tiles flooring, and video walls.

We can integrate a wide selection of innovative solutions to improve your visitors’ experience.to any of your stand choices.

These new technologies make it possible to create new habits and capture the attention of visitors. We are here to help you access the most relevant solutions, in order to increase your stand’s attraction potential.



Engage prospects, even when your staff is already busy with some of them. Do you want their complete and uttermost attention? Gamify some of your floor presence!


A Pinch of Crazy!

Bonifiez votre événement en y intégrant une expérience digitale interactive. Osez faire participer un ou des influenceurs.Profitez pleinement des avantages offerts par l'Internet des objets connectés.


To each device its content!

Content endears your visitors: videos, animations, podcast stations, off-site demos, 360° head office photo tour. Create lasting bonds with interactions that keep the conversation going on.


And grow!

Influence measurement tools and instant lead capture are powerful trade show marketing tools we can integrate too. Send personalized follow-ups and relevant brochures to hot leads as they leave your booth.


Everywhere you need to be!

Dependable autonomy!

Portable kiosk solutions offer exceptional flexibility for businesses needing a mobile communication and marketing tool aimed at transient events like outdoor festivals, press conferences, and one-day shows.

While compact, they offer high visibility and the best display area to total space ratio for brand messages, presentations, product sample displays or demonstrations.

They offer great flexibility for businesses that want to adapt their stand to different floor configurations and smaller shows. 

They are also an affordable solution for start-ups and or more budget-friendly oriented businesses. 

Visit our dedicated sister website for more specialized information about portable solutions.


Unparalleled impact!

While their compact design fits any tight space, our portable booths still provide optimal exposure and display surface to promote your brand messages, products and services.


Work Smart!

The easiest assembly/disassembly combo. Our portables are the quickest booths to put up, down and store. Set up in a flash, multiple times, anywhere. They’re the savviest, handiest cost-cutting trade show time savers on the market.


It's a "One-Case" Affair!

Lightweight, our portable solutions excel in branding and lead generation. Protective shockproof easy-to-roll and carry hard shell travel case included.


Almost effortless!

Get ready faster! Fewer parts mean portables are the easiest to install and assemble by a single staff member. The simplicity of assembly lets you concentrate on what’s primordial: preparing for your visitors!