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Your expectations prepare us for your success…

In this step, we determine the budget of the project, which allows us to direct the choice toward the solutions that stick to your reality. Then we define the essential functions that highlight your products and services, consolidate your brand image and increase awareness.

With a global vision of your trade show planning, we know how to offer you the most affordable, rational and creative solution. We guide you towards the practices that increase the traffic of your booth.

Trade Show Strategy
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Trade Show budgeting
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Personalized Coaching
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Tips for an amazing tradeshow

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Smart Goals

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Targeted message

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Follow up and measure

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Our Range of Useful Tools

Trade Show Comparator

Trade Show Planner

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Our Range of Tactical Solutions

Accommodation Experience
Hotels, restaurants, itinerary...

Make a reservation directly from the map

Rates equal to or better than those displayed by discount flight and hotel sites in 220 countries.

Find all the best trade shows!

Finding a trade show is easy. But the best for your situation… a little less. This free comparator is an essential tool to make your salon investment profitable.

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It's no secret... Planning leads to success!

Dixit is our free trade show planning tool. Built so we can vibe on the same waves.

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Because profitability matters.

This free calculator is a handy tool to keep track of your trade show investments.

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